Prompt and Precise Execution of Eviction Summons

Dependable and Fast Eviction Processes

When a tenant breaks a lease or a person refuses to leave a property, the property owner has the right to serve an eviction notice. Whether the eviction is due to a failure to pay rent, safety issues, property misuse, or illegal activities, Absolute Services has the team you need to serve the Evictions Summons.

A process server is integral in the eviction process, aiding landlords and property managers by ensuring eviction notices are served accurately and within legal guidelines. They play a crucial role in facilitating a lawful eviction, safeguarding the landlord’s interests, and adhering to the stringent legal requirements outlined in the eviction process. 

This includes delivering notices promptly, accurately documenting the service, and providing irrefutable proof if legal disputes arise. 

We can handle:

  • Health and Safety Notices
  • Failure to Pay Notices
  • Lease Termination Notices
  • 3-Day Eviction Notice
  • 5-Day Eviction Notice
  • 20 and 30-day Notices
  • Posted Evictions within
  • 48 hours (non-damage related)
  • Unlawful detainer and ejectment

Our client-accessible system provides real-time notice of service attempts as well as proof of successful service with pictures, GPS data, and time stamps.

Know for certain that your Eviction Summons has been served by contacting Absolute Services today.

Why Absolute Services?

Rely on Absolute Services for accurate and timely process serving with transparent documentation. Our skilled process servers have been handling subpoenas and summons across Florida since 2003, establishing us as Tampa Bay’s premier process-serving company. Access our 24/7 online system for updates, ensuring a straightforward and seamless process.

When it comes to eviction summons, we act as your reliable partner navigating the complexities of eviction proceedings to ensure a smooth and legally sound process for property owners and managers.

How It Works?

Process service starts with a call from a client. We collect pertinent information and legal documents, documenting everything in our system for client accessibility. Our online platform enables clients to monitor their progress. Subsequently, we serve legal paperwork, ensuring proper notice, and time stamp each step for a transparent and efficient service.

Trust us to handle your service of process needs with precision, dedication, and a commitment to exceeding your expectations. Contact us today!