Foreclosure Summons

Residential and Commercial

The foreclosure process can be long and complicated and if the Foreclosure Summons is handled incorrectly, it can adversely impact the entire case. At Absolute Services, our online portal gives the client a full range of data about service attempts, along with GPS information, time stamps, and photographic evidence of service.

We can handle:

  • Personal Service
  • Substituted Service
  • Corporate, LLC

The foreclosure process can be stressful and complex. Our servers are here to make it easier and to provide reliable, excellent service that follows all due-diligence steps.

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Why Absolute Services?

When you need process serving done right, on time, and with clear documentation and communication, count on Absolute Services. Our team of professional process servers has been serving subpoenas and summons throughout the state of Florida since 2003 and has grown to become Tampa Bay’s #1 process-serving company. Our online system gives clients 24/7 updates and access to the process, making the entire process easy and clear.